Frequently Asked Questions

Septic odors in the house are usually from a dry drain. Drains in your house have a trap associated with it. The trap is the U-shaped pipe you see under your kitchen sink. The purpose of this pipe is to keep the gases from your septic system from being able to come back inside the house. The trap works because water sits in the belly section of pipe, and the the gases can’t get back up through the drain. If the water in that trap dries up, then the gases are able to escape. Water evaporates out of these traps if they aren’t used frequently, or heaters also dry up the traps. Usually it’s an basement drain, unused bathroom, or some fixture that just isn’t used very regularly.  Add water to the drain!

Despite what the package may say, some things you just shouldn’t flush. Baby wipes, baby diapers, grown up wipes, feminine products, dental floss, q-tips, cigarette butts, grease, toys, kitty litter, coffee grounds, etc. none of this stuff should go into your septic tank.

The rule of thumb is that a tree’s roots are as wide as the tree’s branch spread. But this doesn’t account for all species of trees, or the depth of the roots. When it comes to a septic system, it is best to only have grass planted above and around the system. Shallow rooted plants (ask the Nursery employees), small shrubs, and flowers usually can be safely planted near and above the system. But trees should be avoided. A weeping willow tree, soft maple, silver maple, elm trees, or other species that have a massive root system should NEVER be planted ANYWHERE near a septic system

  • Drains become slow.
  • Drain or Sewage Backup anywhere in the system.
  • Discharge of effluent to the surface, stream, etc.
  • Depressions or low areas over the septic tank, septic drain field depressions
  • Grass over septic field is extra green.
  • The earth becomes spongy over the green area.
  • Septic smell in the yard
  • Pumping: Septic Tanks which are not pumped often enough can become filled with sludge, becoming totally impacted, such systems have sent solids into the leach field, shortening its life.