Aerobic Service


Size of leech field. Aerobic systems can be used effectively with a smaller drainage field than conventional systems. This is useful in lots where it is unacceptable to have a large draining fields.

Another advantage of an aerobic unit is the effluent. The effluent is the waste water that is processed and then returned to the environment. An aerobic septic system is capable of producing cleaner effluent than other systems. This is very helpful when you need to use a septic system in locations with high water tables.

Aerobic septic system can be used to repair traditional systems. If you have a traditional system that is failed, this system can be installed in its place. The waste water produced by an aerobic septic system may be able to clean the failing leach field as it travels through the system. This will save you the expense of excavating the whole field to have the system replaced.

Aerobic System (Aereation System)

One of the more unconventional types of septic systems is the aerobic design. The system is equipped with a watertight tank that has an aeration chamber. Waste is broken down by bacteria in the aeration chamber. These systems are capable of producing cleaner waste water, so they are commonly used in sensitive environments.